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October 8, 2020

Greetings members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics! With just over a week away, many of us are gearing up for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics first ever Virtual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE). I could not be more excited to be part of the team, the Committee for Lifelong Learning (CLL), that is spearheadi...

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The Short Story on Short Gut/Bowel Syndrome

October 23, 2019

Call it what you want: the gut, intestines, bowels - it’s the system of organs are comprised of the small and large intestine (aka the colon). Most people don’t know that key nutrients are digested and absorbed in the gut, not in the stomach. The stomach is useful, don’t get us wrong, but the gut is where most of the action happens....

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The Low Down on Keto

August 22, 2019

What is the Ketogenic Diet? The Ketogenic Diet was initially developed and used to treat children suffering from epileptic seizures, with more research indicating the efficacy in those with glioblastomas (a type of brain cancer). It is essentially a high-fat, moderate-protein, and very low-carbohydrate approach. E...

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Ingredient Spotlight: Dry Beans

April 7, 2018

The Nutrition
All types of beans—including black, cranberry, Great Northern, dark red kidney, light red kidney, white kidney, navy, pink, pinto, and small red—are good sources of protein, excellent sources of fiber, and
naturally fat-free, sodium-free, and cholesterol-free. Many types are also good sources of potassi...

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The Low Iodine Diet for Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

January 3, 2018

Thyroid Cancer is a type of cancer usually found in women (3 out of every 4 diagnoses compared to men) and is commonly diagnosed at a younger age than other adult cancers. Though mortality remains steady and low compared to other types of cancers, living with a partial or lack of thyroid tissue carries its own innate health concerns. Mos...

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Nutrition Considerations for the Transgender Community

December 15, 2017

Source: Food and Nutrition Magazine <Right Click and select "View Image" to enlarge>

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Dan Yohe

November 9, 2017

Dan Yohe, MS, RDN, LDN, is a registered, licensed dietitian in Philadelphia. He is a clinical dietitian of the Crozer-Keystone Health System. He received his undergraduate degree in Biology at Penn State University and his Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Drexel University. He has worked as an adolescent nutrition ed...

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Kamran Ahmad

November 8, 2017

  Kamran Ahmad, MS, RD, LDN is a registered, licensed dietitian working in Philadelphia.     He received his Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Marywood University and his Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Foods at Drexel University. He comple...

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Dealing with Diverticulitis

October 19, 2017

Living with Diverticulosis can be really challenging, especially during flare-ups. Life can be made a little easier with the right nutrition. The Basics Diverticulosis is a condition in which weak areas of the colon form pouches, or “diverticula”. It’s believed these diverticula are formed when high pres...

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The Blood Type Diet: What’s the Deal?

August 24, 2017

The diet based on the ABO blood group system has been around for over 20 years, and popularity has not decreased. This diet advises people to eat according to their ABO blood type, claiming to
improve health and decrease risk of chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease and hypertension, among others. A naturopathic physic...

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